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About Flower Remedies

A natural healing system of 38 flower-based preparations, Bach Flower Remedies has been continuously in use for 85 years. This non-toxic and simple system reduces stress, naturally restoring emotional balance and well-being. The remedies were developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath. Bach then turned to research, discovering a more natural form of medicine than was readily available at that time; he turned to plants, making remedies from flowers, water, and sunlight.  Bach remedies addressed the whole person, not only their physical problems.

Milka Premrl, BFRP

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Bach Centre England

One day during late autumn in 1996, Milka found herself browsing at the local book store, and the title of a book caught her attention.  Immediately she began reading the book and was fascinating to learn of Dr. Edward Bach. He discovered flowers that help balance human emotions, promoting physical health and personal well-being, thus achieving peace of mind. Since then, Milka has been learning, teaching, and sharing her knowledge about Bach flower remedies. What a magical moment Milka had in the book store that her life changed forever.

Milka and her husband Jose, live in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. She loves to read about psychology and human nature. In her leisure time, she enjoys long walks and practices Origami. 

Her best-loved thing about being a Bach Practitioner? Connecting with people who can benefit from using flower remedies helping them to connect with their inner selves.

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Setting up an appointment was a daunting task because I didn't know where to begin or how to express my feelings. Milka's patience and kindness  helped me ease my discomfort at the end of the session, I felt like a tremendous weight off from my shoulders. Since then I have been able to sleep all night long.

Luna K. 

Boca Raton, Florida

Milka, is a soft-spoken and trustworthy person, a good listener (patiently listened to my problems), then introduced and explained to me the properties of the flower system she guided me to choose the right remedies.. Presently I am more calm and confident of myself. Milka, Thank you.

With gratitude.

Luca C. 

Miami, Florida

Since I began my therapy  with Milka, I have been able to make a significant and positive change in my life. Pretty remarkable, I feel uplifted.

Simone L

New York, New York

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