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Star of Bethlehem

The Comfort Flower

As stated in the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of  the word trauma:

 is a "severe emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience."

The Star of Bethlehem flower heals physical and mental traumatic experiences

-an accident, unexpected sad news, significant disappointment.-  

Star of Bethlehem aids to turnaround a trauma, heals  old or new wounds and, reestablish the self-healing mechanism of the body from distress to relief. Star of Bethlehem gives comfort and, has a soothing effect on pain and sorrows.


The Responsibility Flower

The Elm flower will help you restore your normal strength and optimism when you are temporarily overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility. If you find yourself under significant discomfort and distress, you have become exhausted that you no longer feel up to your duty and  feel that the challenges ahead of you are too big to manage during this time of the  pandemic: a time of uncertainty. Perhaps you have worn-out yourself.  Elm will provide strength to the  competent  individual in moments of weakness.


You are not alone. What can you possibly do to keep yourself calm and collective? It is taking the crucial first step. Stop, take a deep breath; take the time to reflect and rest, even if it is only for five minutes. The Elm flower will uplift your confidence and self-esteem and the ability to have a broad vision to see difficulties in the right magnitude and their correct point of view.

White Chestnut

 The Mental Quietness Flower

 White Chestnut flower will allow you to calm your mind from persistent mental chatter, unwanted  thoughts, and worries and get peace of mind. White Chestnut will help your sleep and support concentration, and free your mind of thoughts going round and round with mental disputes and conversations.

Moods   (Estados de Animo)

by Mario Benedetti (1974) 

November, 2020

Sometimes I feel

like a poor hill

and other times

like a mountain

of repeating peaks

Sometimes I feel 

like a cliff

and other times a sky 

blue but far

sometimes one is

a geyser between rocks

and other times a tree

with its last leaves

but today I barely feel

like an insomniac lagoon

like a pier bereft of boats 

a green lagoon

immobile and patient

happy with its algae

its moss and its fish

serene in my confidences

confident that one afternoon

you will come closer and look at yourself

and see yourself in your looking at me.

Translated by Yago Cura

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