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Bach Flower  Consultation

The consultation will be about your present feelings and emotions. 

The talk is a confidential and straightforward conversation about your

reaction to particular circumstances.

Duration of consultation: 1 hour.

Regaining Balance

"The action of the remedies is restorative,

in that, they work to bring us back to who we were when things began to go wrong"

                                     -Stefan Ball-

 Principles of Bach Flower Remedies

Being Yourself

"Instead of a new you, the promise here is to introduce you to someone you might not have met for some time: the old you".

                                         -Stefan Ball-

Principles of Bach Flower Remedies

"All we have to do is to preserve our personality, to live our own life, to be captain of our ship, and all will be well."

"If we follow our own instinct, our own wishes, our own desires, we should never know anything but joy and health"

                                -Dr. Edward Bach-

Heal Thyself

Scheduling Your Consultation

Bach Flower Therapy, a healing system, for all ages, all members of the family, the remedies

help manages the emotional demands of daily life at home, in the workplace, or whenever you may be.

Bach Flower Remedies

Consultation: Virtual Visit

FaceTime, Phone,

WhatsApp +1 (786) 417-7234

Zoom and Google Meet

By appointment

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