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The Butterfly

The Butterfly counts not in

months but moments, and 

has time enough.

-Rabindranath Tagore-

The Caterpillar Story

There was somebody told me, a High school Biology class where the students were studying caterpillars. They fed them Mulberry leaves, studied their life cycle, watched them spin their cocoons and so forth, and kept  track of them until they turned into butterflies. Then they released them. One day a student noticed that a butterfly was having an incredibly difficult time getting out of  its cocoon. He watched for a while and then very, very gently slit open the casing to help the butterfly emerge. The butterfly died. "Why"? he asked. The instructor said, "Struggles releases fluid into the wings and makes it possible for the butterflies to unfold their wings."

In this way too, people need their struggles for the unfolding of their Higher Nature.

-Author is unknown-

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